Recent Works

Tako Tsubo. Work in progress. Animation.
In collaboration with Fanny Sorgo.
With Len Jackobsen, Benjamin Martin and Anne Kulbatzki.

The film depicts through animated watercolor paintings an absurd, dystopian-exaggerated future, in which the socially acceptable treatment of pain is to remove the corresponding organ without replacement: smokers can simply remove their smoker’s lung and hopeless alcoholics remove their liver. The story focuses on the lead protagonist Ham, who wants to be released from his entangled feelings, and therefore, has a heart removal performed on himself.




Welten der Welt, 2017
2 Channel video installation. Loop: 7min.

Welten der Welt concept is based on diverse texts by the writer Fanny Sorgo. In this video installation, the focus was out on the so-called “disruptive character” inherent in the situation described by the author above mentioned: the apparent enclosed paradox within both beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty.


Wortgeschwader, 2016.
5 channel video installation. Loop: 15 min.

The starting point of this installation is an audiovisual research on Berlin’s 70’s and 80’s bars and pubs.
History as a fluid construction and the possible confusion between reconstruction and the so-called facts, play a main role in the installation.


After the desert, 2016,
Animation, 5 min.
With Felipe Amaya.

A magnate gives his whole Fortune in search of his luck to earn a living from then on. He travels to the world and one day a being in his dream tells him how he can find his happiness again.